Gamers and non-gamers agree that Uwe Boll is the worst thing to happen to movies as of late, even ousting Dane Cook. The gaming community hates him to the point that the executive producer of the Metal Gear series adamantly insisted that Uwe Boll would be in no way involved in the planned movie adapation, ever. Boll routinely bashes all his critics even after his films make maybe one hundred thousand dollars in europe during its run and maybe a million in North America if he’s lucky. He recently claimed that his movie Postal will do better than Indiana Jones 4 because Harrison Ford’s too old. Yeah, he really has a feel for the pulse of the movie community… (note my endless sarcasm)

Not that long ago a petition was started at that asked him to stop being associated with movies. Please, for the love of the cinema and to weed out the idiots, sign the petition. Boll claimed he would quit if one million people signed his petition, which could be hard to do since a lot of people just don’t care about him (which is worse than being hated in my books). Even if he doesn’t hold true to his claim the petition can be sent to various people thus pointing out just how bad it could be to sign the guy as a director.