Apparently so.

“My Husbands fallen and I can’t get his fat carcass off of me!”

A newspaper carrier checking the couple’s well-being found the woman in her Marion, Ill., home on April 27. She was trapped by the body of Fred Roberts after he suffered a heart attack four days earlier. He fell onto his wife, pinning one of her legs. She was unable to wriggle free

Ok, well, this failure wasn’t really due to anything anyone actually did, but more or less it was an “accidental” fail.

It’s been a slow fail day. Deal with it.


I got nothin’ this weekend. Here’s some Family Guy clip to tide you over and make you giggle or something.

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Fat Bottom girls? Yes, Fat Bottom Girls


Yeah, it’s frickin’ Dr. Who. It’s got Queen for you old-time rockers and some Dr. Who for you geeks who watch this show on Sci-Fi or whatever channel it comes on.

Shut up. I could just post lolcats instead.

The Huffington Post, an atrocious place, has put up a video where they claim that McCain apparently wanted to talk with Hamas back in 2006.

Now, I’m not coming to the defense of John McCain here and since the video shows that McCain believed that Hamas was worth even acknowledging I’m going to go ahead and label him under the “WTF were you thinking” category. However, It’s not like the other Democratic candidates are innocent on making stupid foriegn policy remarks.

Let’s take Obama for instance: Although he claims the contrary now and seem to be screaming that he ‘never said he would talk directly with Iran or Ahmadenijad there IS such things as video and recordings that he apparently forgot that we could just call up at a whim.


Not to mention that Ed Morrisey over at HotAir found this little picture with the help of Allahpundit that explains exactly what Obama plans on doing with in regards of foriegn policy and diplomacy:


Tough, direct Presidential talks and without preconditions.

Considering that Iran has about as much of a glorious record as Hamas and both leaderships are equally bat-crap crazy I would not think that either of McCain’s or Obama’s comments were any different. Like I said before, I’m not defending McCain….I’m just proving that it’s not just the evil, nasty, dirty, rethuglicans who make stupid comments regarding foriegn policy.

Hillary Clinton has made a few off-hand comments about Iran too, but the last time I checked those consisted of “obliterating” them or something like that. While not as pussy-footed as diplomacy I can’t see how instant destruction is all that beneficial either. Although I must commend the girl for wearing her ovaries on the outside when saying that, so she’s probably much tougher than Obama when it comes down to national security.

She’s still a lefty socialist that wishes to drive this country in to ruin, so the quasi-praise she was recieving just now ends there.

So, honestly Huffpo, if your going to run a piece directly attacking a candidate then why not turn that malice hose on spread and shower em all with it. Also, lets not forget that Hamas has actually endorsed Obama and one of your own Democrat buddies, Jimmy Carter, just went over there and tried to get all buddy buddy with them.

So, yeah, when you try to push some biased piece forward to mud-sling make sure that the people YOU are pandering to aren’t doing the same type of crap.

thanks to Ace, HotAir, and I think a few others somewhere.

If you guessed Sean Penn you’d be right!

Yes, the world’s Most Angry Man has decided to lower the boom on any film in the Cannes Film Festival that isn’t “political”. Well, to be more accurate, he means any film that doesn’t align itself with HIS own personal views cannot be considered for the Festival’s top prize.

Penn said it was impossible to separate film from politics, and promised that the winning film would be a reflection of the current climate.

“One way or another, when we select the Palme d’Or winner, I think we are going to feel very confident that the film-maker who made the film is very aware of the times in which he or she lives.”

Woo….guess all that time spent with his bed-buddy Hugo Chavez rubbed off on him. Meh, what a giant douchebag. Found the movie link! I’m sure this is the type of movies that he is talking about films that are eligible for the big prize.

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How hard is it to make a damn beverage advertisement?

It’s an easy four step process:

Step 1: Make tasty beverage and say to oneself “This shit is awesome…we should sell it!”

Step 2: Find market to sell it to and hire advertisement firm to sell your new tasty beverage.


Step 4: Profit.

I hate furries. Really. This crap is being seen around in France and you know what? I had better not EVER see anything like this abomination appear over here in the states. Ever.

Ugh….it’s like France sucks exponentially EVERY YEAR.

I am going to be speaking on a few comments that John McCain made in his speech today.

So, exactly how good of a speech did a leftist-pandering old man make today to try and save his hide in the general election? I am not impressed. He’s supposed to be making the speech as if his first term was already over with and that these are the accomplishments he has made. So, it’s like a giant “WHAT IF” speech.

Click below to see the speech and the pickings.