Yeah, I don’t dig a lot of Microsoft’s bogus crap either, but egging a CEO during a class speech?Kinda awesome and yet really childish at the same time. So, let’s break this down a bit.

Having the stones to Egg a CEO? – Kinda awesome

Wearing a “Microsoft = Corruption” home-made button up shirt? – FAIL.

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Well, Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air has a great piece up as to why Ahmadinejad (The President of Iran) is a scary and unstable individual. Why? Well, to put it in a few short words I guess it’s because he’s a “end-times fanatic that wishes to hasten the end of the world”.

Need proof? Ok:

The tensions surround Imam Mahdi, the 12th imam in a direct bloodline from the Prophet Muhammad, who the Shiite faithful believe will one day emerge from 1,000 years in hiding to save mankind and bring justice to the world. Tens of thousands of pilgrims go each year to the Jamkaran mosque near Qum, about 75 miles south of Tehran, where they believe that the imam will appear.

President Ahmadinejad, who came to office in 2005 declaring his intention to “hasten the emergence” of Imam Mahdi, said in a speech broadcast nationally this month that Imam Mahdi supported the day-to-day workings of his government and was helping him in the face of international pressure.

The real story? Well, most Muslims (not all) hold the belief that Muhammad al-Mahdi was the 12th Imam and that he disappeared on the day of his fathers (11th Imam) funeral during the funeral prayer. They believe that when the 12th Imam arises that he will rid the world of anything that is not Islam and establish a 100% muslim world.

What does that mean for all of us that are non-muslims? Well, the word “destruction” comes to mind and so does “world’s end”.

Ahmadinejad wants to hasten the return of the 12th Imam so that he can hurry up and create a fully muslim world and destroy the enemies of Islam. The crazy part? He actually believe that he can do it. Yet, Barack Obama wants to sit down and have “unconditional talks” with the President of Iran as if he could somehow change this madman’s mind?

Also equally insane.

How, and I really wish he would tell us all HOW, is Barack Obama going to persuade someone like Ahmadinejad (who wishes to destroy the non-muslim world in holy fire and bring about the end-times) that he needs to “stop acting all crazy”. That’s like telling a Schizophrenic to stop hearing voices without trying to prescribe any medication or trying to find them some type of procedure to try and correct the problem.

So, now that we’ve established that Ahmadinejad is pretty much crazy, why is it so necessary to have “talks” with the man? Obviously he is completely driven by religious zealotry and has even rejected the comments made by the Mullah’s of Iran…and those guys are supposed to practically run the place instead of the President.

What makes Barack think that his words can make any difference? Personally, I believe that nothing outside of the realm of “Peace through superior firepower” will suffice when dealing with iran, but apparently the MSM and their Messiah have other plans.

Probably plans that will endanger every single one of us down the road.

Apparently so.

“My Husbands fallen and I can’t get his fat carcass off of me!”

A newspaper carrier checking the couple’s well-being found the woman in her Marion, Ill., home on April 27. She was trapped by the body of Fred Roberts after he suffered a heart attack four days earlier. He fell onto his wife, pinning one of her legs. She was unable to wriggle free

Ok, well, this failure wasn’t really due to anything anyone actually did, but more or less it was an “accidental” fail.

It’s been a slow fail day. Deal with it.

The Huffington Post, an atrocious place, has put up a video where they claim that McCain apparently wanted to talk with Hamas back in 2006.

Now, I’m not coming to the defense of John McCain here and since the video shows that McCain believed that Hamas was worth even acknowledging I’m going to go ahead and label him under the “WTF were you thinking” category. However, It’s not like the other Democratic candidates are innocent on making stupid foriegn policy remarks.

Let’s take Obama for instance: Although he claims the contrary now and seem to be screaming that he ‘never said he would talk directly with Iran or Ahmadenijad there IS such things as video and recordings that he apparently forgot that we could just call up at a whim.


Not to mention that Ed Morrisey over at HotAir found this little picture with the help of Allahpundit that explains exactly what Obama plans on doing with in regards of foriegn policy and diplomacy:


Tough, direct Presidential talks and without preconditions.

Considering that Iran has about as much of a glorious record as Hamas and both leaderships are equally bat-crap crazy I would not think that either of McCain’s or Obama’s comments were any different. Like I said before, I’m not defending McCain….I’m just proving that it’s not just the evil, nasty, dirty, rethuglicans who make stupid comments regarding foriegn policy.

Hillary Clinton has made a few off-hand comments about Iran too, but the last time I checked those consisted of “obliterating” them or something like that. While not as pussy-footed as diplomacy I can’t see how instant destruction is all that beneficial either. Although I must commend the girl for wearing her ovaries on the outside when saying that, so she’s probably much tougher than Obama when it comes down to national security.

She’s still a lefty socialist that wishes to drive this country in to ruin, so the quasi-praise she was recieving just now ends there.

So, honestly Huffpo, if your going to run a piece directly attacking a candidate then why not turn that malice hose on spread and shower em all with it. Also, lets not forget that Hamas has actually endorsed Obama and one of your own Democrat buddies, Jimmy Carter, just went over there and tried to get all buddy buddy with them.

So, yeah, when you try to push some biased piece forward to mud-sling make sure that the people YOU are pandering to aren’t doing the same type of crap.

thanks to Ace, HotAir, and I think a few others somewhere.

If you guessed Sean Penn you’d be right!

Yes, the world’s Most Angry Man has decided to lower the boom on any film in the Cannes Film Festival that isn’t “political”. Well, to be more accurate, he means any film that doesn’t align itself with HIS own personal views cannot be considered for the Festival’s top prize.

Penn said it was impossible to separate film from politics, and promised that the winning film would be a reflection of the current climate.

“One way or another, when we select the Palme d’Or winner, I think we are going to feel very confident that the film-maker who made the film is very aware of the times in which he or she lives.”

Woo….guess all that time spent with his bed-buddy Hugo Chavez rubbed off on him. Meh, what a giant douchebag. Found the movie link! I’m sure this is the type of movies that he is talking about films that are eligible for the big prize.

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I am going to be speaking on a few comments that John McCain made in his speech today.

So, exactly how good of a speech did a leftist-pandering old man make today to try and save his hide in the general election? I am not impressed. He’s supposed to be making the speech as if his first term was already over with and that these are the accomplishments he has made. So, it’s like a giant “WHAT IF” speech.

Click below to see the speech and the pickings.


It’s People! Soylent Green is PEOPLE!!

Guess I’m going to have to label this under the “I saw this coming from a mile away” category.

Researchers who analysed 30,000 academic studies dating back to 1970 said man
was responsible for changes that ranged from the loss of ice sheets to the
collapse in numbers of many species of wildlife.

“Humans are influencing climate through increasing greenhouse gas
emissions, and the warming world is causing impacts on physical and
biological systems,” said Cynthia Rosenzweig, at the Nasa Goddard
Institute for Space Studies.

So, basically some scientist is just coming forward and saying the exact same Global Warming Alarmist mantra that we’ve heard ever since the Goracle made his abortive-mess of a documentary? Gee, I was kinda hoping they would mix it up a bit and throw a twist in there but it doesn’t appear that they will. Shall we read more to find out?

The study’s conclusions go further than the most recent report by the
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which concluded last year that
man-made climate change was “likely” to have had a discernible
effect on the planet.

It says natural climate variations cannot explain the changes to the Earth’s
natural systems.


Apparently these douchebags didn’t get the memo that we’ve already pretty much narrowed it down as to what was causing the warming. Hint: It rhymes with “son”.

The authors said there was an urgent need to study environmental systems in
South America, Australia and Africa, especially in tropical and subtropical

Translation: “We need more money. We’re desperately need more funding because our other alarmist reports seem to be running a bit thin on the finance sector.”

This is the biggest hit piece I have ever seen by the left to try and steer the public towards Environmental wacko Earth worship. This actually makes it seem like Mankind is some kind of disease upon the planet and generally the only people who believe or think up such rubbish are evil masterminds in movies who plan to wipe out humanity “for the sake of the world”.

Then again…the Left seems to be chock full of people who would absolutely LOVE to destroy society in the name of environmentalism so, I guess, we shouldn’t be too surprised when they release garbage like this and then try and play it up as news.

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