Gamepolitics says that is isn’t an april fools joke, but I’ll reserve my belief until tomorrow morning.

Well known Anti-gaming attorney and Duke of Douchebaggary, Jack Thompson, appeared on Fox News as something that, even though it might not be a joke, could very well BE a joke.

GP has the picture with the caption but if your familiar with the guy showing up on TV every time there is a School shooting then you’ll know what to expect. The self-proclaimed “school shooting expert” pretty much rails against any type of video game that anyone plays and especially loves to dish out the hate speak against Grand Theft Auto.

Not that any of you should really care, considering he is pretty much as close to being disbarred as he can get, but I thought that it was actually kinda funny (and sad) that Fox News actually labeled him as a “First Amendment Lawyer”.

Excuse me for a second…


Ok, ahem, better now.

Still could be a joke post by Gamepolitics since they are always at arms against Jack Thompson, but regardless I’m chuckling either way.